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Caterpillar Engines

This website page provides information for Caterpillar 3054 Engine:

The engine is a diesel engine which is controlled with a mechanically actuated fuel injection pump. The four engine cylinders are arranged in-line.

The engine serial number is located on the left side of the cylinder block.

This is a picture that shows location of the engine seriel number

Note: Always refer to the engine identification number in order to get the correct new parts.

We offer differnet versions of Caterpillar 3054C engine, depending on your appication we can find the correct engine for you.

  • 3054 Engine with Serial number Prefix 5HK

This Engine has a Streesed Block, where the starter of the engine goes through the block.

To Identidy if your engine has a stessed Block, please look at the area of the engine where it connects to the flywheel housing. If you have a circel shaped flywheel housing then you have a regular block.

If the Flyweheel housing is FLAT on top and U-SHAPPED in the bottom then you have a stressed block.

Please see pictures below for various kind of Caterpillar 3054 Application: 

This is a  picture fo Cat 3054 Engine Serial number Prefix "5HK" Streesed Block With Turbo

Cat 3054 Engine Serial number Prefix "5HK" Streesed Block With Turbo3Manifold pics

3054 Engine with Serial Number Prefix "7BJ"

This engine has a three bolt pattern manifold.

3bolt patter3054 mani3054 engine 7BJ3054 engine for sale timing cover older model3054 timing cover3054 engine manifold3054 manifold 2

3054 Engine Diagram 13054 diagram 23054 diagram with partsDiagram 2


This is a screen shot for Caterpillar 3054B engine which is a older version of Caterpillar 3054C. This Engine has Serial Number prefix "7BJ" and is going into a Caterpillar 416D Backhoe Loader with Machine Serial Number Prefix "BKG" Engine Arrangement number 188-0883, Hore power of the engine 60KW equivalent to 80HP at 2200 RPM.

416D screenshot

Here is a picture for 3054 Engine Applications with serial number Prefix "7BJ"

3054 Engine applications


The Perkins equivalant for Caterpilla 3054B and Caterpillar 3054 older model is Perkins 1004 series.

The Perkins equivalant for Caterpillar 3054C is Perkins 1104 Series. The Caterpillar 3054C Can have a mechanical fuel pump or a electronic fuel pump.

Variations of Caterpillar 3054:

  • Turbo or non turbo
  • Mechanical or Electronic Fuel Injected
  • Side mount Turbo or Top Mount Turbo
  • Stressed Vlock or Regular Block
  • Acert or Non Acert
  • EGR or No EGR

Important serial number prefix to Know:

  • 5HK
  • 7BJ
  • 334
  • C4E
  • 444
  • 448


Picture of 3054 Engine stress block non turbo:

This Engine has a Stressed Block and is Naturally aspirated.

Cat 3054 Engine non Turbo Stressed Block1104a 3054 fuel pump

  • If your Machine has a Perkins Engine Please Provide the Serial Number to determine the correct fit.

    You may have a NL Build, RG Build, RR Builde, RE Build, NJ Built, AG build, AR Build.

The First two Letters of the list will metion the type Build you have.

  • Here is a Picture of NJ Build:


 If you have a electronic Fuel Injected engine here is how it will look: